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Commissions and Pricing Can Be Found Here
Equine Designs
Both Traditional and Digital:
Leisure Images
Training Images
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Portraits (Bust)
- All Equine or Equine related. Note me for others.
-Shedu Related Commission to be added soon. Note me if interested.

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Personal Works

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Spirit Horse Standings

Please make sure you read and sign the breeding rules and check my gallery to make sure your selected pair isn't related to one another. All horses owned by me are listed in their respective galleries and will have all relations to other horses I own right in the gallery for ease of access.

:bulletgreen: Open for breeding
:bulletred: not open for breeding

Breeding and Leasing Rules

:bulletgreen:Orod -:star::star::star:
:star: - Dressage League
:bulletgreen:Ithyr -:star::star:
:bulletgreen:Bronwen - :star:
Novice - Dressage League
:bulletgreen:Ny'tar - Level 2
:bulletred: Ornathros -Level 1
:bulletgreen: Rozod -Level 3
:bulletred: Theria - Level 2 - needs a show
:bulletgreen:Sinta - Level 2
:bulletred: Elmen'dal - No level
:bulletred: Rin - No Level

:bulletgreen:Hia'reth - :star::star:
Eventing Society
:bulletgreen:Etheria - :star:
:bulletgreen:Gwe'nara - Level 2
:bulletred: Je'gor -no level
:bulletred:Elrohir - No level
Dressage League
:bulletred: Saytauri - No level
:bulletred: Lamira - No level

:bulletgreen:Romeo and Juliet - Level 3
Driving Society (No levels to attain)
:bulletgreen:Say'en - Level 3
:bulletgreen: Dasos -Level 2
Driving Society (No levels to attain)
:bulletgreen: Indyma - Level 2
Driving Society (No levels to attain)
:bulletred: Mocking Jay - No level

:bulletgreen:Teh'karad - Level 2
:bulletgreen: Chelam -Level 2
:bulletgreen:Miranmir - Level 2

:bulletgreen:Arwen - Level 2
:bulletgreen:Akelees - Level 2

:bulletred: Morgulis - No Level
:bulletred: Va'artis - No level

:bulletred: Epira - No level

Ryvo - Never Open For Public Breeding
:bulletred:Eyocenne - Level 3
:bulletred:Taisha - Level 3

:bulletred:(gelded) Dan'yt - Level 1

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Upcoming Shows

Thu Aug 21, 2014, 9:39 AM

Because they're cluttering up my inbox and I still want to keep track of them and this seems to be the best way to do so.

If you want me to add one you've got going on, or have in your inbox, just lemme know and I'll add it. ^^ If only I had the time to enter them all...

Mini Shows:

4 DAYS Firelight Mini Show - AugustEnd Date: 31st August 6pm GMT
Weather is bright and sunny and the leaves are starting to turn. There's a lot of wheat being harvested and it's a busy season for tractors! Some of the fields are really dusty so you might get caught in a dust cloud from the tractors and combines if you're in the Endurance race. At the Angelus Estate it'll be around the 14-16C mark with clear skies.


This is a really simple mini show with very few rules. You can use this to level up your horses, get them experience, just draw them, whatever.
You may put in requests for next month's show! There will probably always be halter classes :) (Smile)
Please include the name of your horse in the comments.One horse per image please.You'll get a ribbon if you place i

VLS Mini ShowUpdated show here !

Info and Rules 

- Show will be RNG judged 
-You may not enter the same horse into the same event twice within one round.
- Please include The horses name , a link to their ref , and what class they are in in the comments below
- Classes will be judged when all spaces are full or every Friday 
- One Full body image will win Grand Champion for each round if there is none there will be no GC that round.
I may enter my own show i will rng the results but if i am the only person to do a full body image in the whole show i will get GC 
- any breed of horse may enter fantasy or non fantasy

Halter Round 5
Liberty Round 6

Breed Specific:
Conformation Show - EXTENDED for the last timeIt's finally time to raise the conformation points for your ponies! There will be no winner or looser in this show, It's simply to show your ponies and get them up in the leauge! And who knows, sooner or later these might count somehow? After all I'm honestly thinking of setting up a list for it.
Anyhow, to the show info!
Start date: May 15, 2014
End Date: August 31, 2014 :new: EXTENDED!
Who can enter: Only SRP's
:bulletblack: There will be 50% RNG and 50% Judge. Judge will be DalRiataStables and I will not enter my ponies this time.
:bulletblack: 1 - 25 points will be RNG and 1 - 50 points will be given by me, judge from effort and creativity.
:bulletblack: There is no set theme on this one, but you can go crazy! Creativity will give you more points. You can show your horse standing still or maybe doing something in it's dicipline?
:bulletblack: Background is not needed but will count towards more points. Sam for rider/handler.
:bulletblack: Hor

Monthly Themes - August -I really wanted to do this with Cavitto as well, so we will likely have similar themes and prizes to make it easier for my brain :giggle: I've copy-pasted the rules etc over here from there so let me know if I missed something!
Hello all! A while ago I had a poll up asking some questions and getting some amazing feedback on things we could do as a group and Monthly Themes was one of the suggestions! I thought it was a great suggestion and so we're going to go ahead and give it a shot this year to see how it goes. If you have questions, please ask!
I'm going to try and use this same journal for all 12 months of the year, but if it starts getting too messy or long I may split it up. The current month will always be at the top of the list. So if we're in April, it will read April, THEN January and Feburary. When the month is complete, it will be moved to its proper place in the year and the current month will take its place.
These will apply to EVERY month.

Rare Breeds Visibility ChallengeWe're at the halfway point, 6 months left! Don't forget to note us if we need to update your point tally on the entrants page.
Run time: November 15, 2013 - November 15, 2014
RealBreed-RealColor is hosting a challenge to increase visibility for rare breeds, akin to The Race to 200 Kaaring for Nordanners and HARPG-BreedChallenge for fantasy breeds. Our focus, instead of racking up a ton of images for a breed point system, is visibility for the represented breeds and the artist by encouraging artistic growth. We feel that artists grow by challenging themselves and trying new things, which this point system will reward over a large quantity of nearly identical headshots. Participants will earn prizes once the challenge is concluded based not only on how they did compared to other participa

Spirit Horse Bond Exhibition:new: Challenge. If I get over 15 participants(ie, 15 Spirit horse owners, not 15 horses) I'll save up money and buy points to give out a few 3 month premies and add a championship class in which all top three participants for each class will be judged together for some epic prizes to be determined. (Suggestions welcomed) Dare to attempt it?
Welcome all Spirit Horse Enthusiasts!
This Show has three parts and is set up a bit differently than a normal show, so please read each section through and ask if you have any questions. A FAQ will be put at the bottom if people find it too confusing, but I’m hoping I’ve put it in simply as I can. You do not have to enter all three parts, you may enter any and all if you wish.
There are no restrictions on how many horses you enter.
Credit your sources if you use them, according to the stock provider’s rules.
Formal dress is not required, but dressy would be nice.
No pre-registration needed, comment your entry below w

1st Annual Islander Endurance Race + RegattaIt's that time of year again folks! Grab your horses and your Sunglasses, and get ready for the last race of the season!
Diamond Bullet Cyan Start date:August 9th
Diamond Bullet Cyan End date:September 30th
Diamond Bullet Cyan Location:The northernmost rocky shore of Foster island, accessible by car and by boat 
Diamond Bullet Cyan Weather:Foggy in the morning, clear skies in the afternoon for the regatta
Diamond Bullet Cyan No pre-registration needed, however if you are interested in entering and would like to set up an rp with the Islander staff for extra images, please let me know in the comments :D
Diamond Bullet Cyan All breeds are welcome, but powers may not be used

Sanctioned EventsWelcome || Competition Levels || Points and Levels || Registering & Judging Shows || Sanctioned Events || Members
Host: AUSe-Olympics
Dressage Levels: Grand Prix
Dressage style: Modern
Restrictions: Must have entered at least one previous show
End date: December 15th 2014
Host: AntiqueFyreStables
Dressage Levels: All
Dressage Styles: Modern
Restrictions: Horses over 5, no breed restrictions
End Date: September 30th 2014
If you want to suggest your own show to be sanctioned, see

Dressage League official show:August-September Open
Art must be made by you.
If your horse is registered in Dressage League, enter the class that fits your horse’s level. If not, you can choose freely.
There are no extensions, if you missed this show, you can enter the next.
Don’t make drama with the admins, judged or fellow participants, and don’t ask for special treatment/rulebending.
If your horse is registered in the group, they will get 1 extra point (p) for their entry. (Additional for the 5p you get for the show being sanctioned)
This is a one-entry event, extra drawings and stories are lovely to see, but won’t give you any extra chance of winning.
Information about “The Grand Dressage Award”
This season it will be held five events by the Dressage League group, running from August to May, and each show will last two months. They will all have three classes (Low, Medium and High). The placing 1st – 5th will get a point scor

Summer Dressage Show 2014The Fourth Annual Oak Brooke Summer Dressage Show
Event Starts: April 20, 2014
Entry Deadline: October 18, 2014
Up to a two week extension will be allowed (Ending November 1, 2014) if enough people desire it.
Sanctioned with:
:icondressage-league: - Elite Show
No pre-registration.  Just submit your entry to the proper folder in the gallery. Have the training/show images listed in the artist comments.  Any information missing could result in point loss or disqualification.  You will get a single friendly reminder.
We will hopefully post a few more journals with some opportunities to roleplay with other members or to just extend your storyline! :) If you are unsure about anything you can either note the group or me directly (OakBrookeStables) or you can comment on the journal!
Overall Rules:
1. Only three horses per class per stable.  A single horse may enter up to three classes.
2. Any extra images will not count towards the in

FLIGHT SHOW - Balloons Galore:new: Prizes! :la: As always I am accepting donations! :new:
Hehehe hey guys xD so I wanna do a fun little show. It's a one image show, it's effort based, and I hope you'll come along and have a go :3
It's been a long time since I saw a show for winged horses, and I figured it was their time to shine. With that in mind, I present to you Balloons Galore! All across Angelus Estate, red helium balloons have been tethered and put up into the sky. They're all at different levels, some are really quite high and some are at tree top level, some are even down near the ground so you'll have to land briefly to get them or you can ride around on the ground and fly up/reach up to get balloons.
There are over 100 balloons in total and players will be given small knives to cut the tethers with as they fly. The balloons are quite large, about three heads in size, and will cause a lot of drag, so be careful!
The time limit is 2 hours. Riders will all be out at once and must collect as many balloons in

Bobwood Creek Color Extravaganza!Welcome one and all to the Bobwood Creek First Annual Color Extravaganza!
Deadline: October 4th, 2014
Judging: Effort and Creativity!
Judges: Announced Soon!
Attire: Anything fun and creative! As long as it is safe for both horse and rider.
Requirements: At least 2/3 of horse shown. Shading is not required, but coloring is. No sketchy and original artwork for the show please ^^
Covered Arena: (with white sand)
Outdoor Arena: 
Bobwood Creek Stable Map (if you feel so inclined):
Colored Dressage: Any moves can be used, go crazy! As your horse walks to the entrance, fans will toss bright colored non-toxic powder onto the ho

Multiple Classes:
Welcome to the North Antrim Trials 
Registration - Open until 1st Dec
Entry Deadline - 30th Dec
Welcome to the North Antrim Trials, an eight day long show open to all breeds of horse from all around the world.
The North Antrim Trials is set in the picturesque landscape of the Irish north coast providing a wonderful backdrop to top level competition.
We are now open for registration and the competition will be running until 30th Dec 2014.
The Showgrounds 

Numbers explained in image description
Guest Facilities

All arenas are open for guest training providing they are not in use that day.
For more views of grounds check out the Resource Folder
If you want any further views o

Template by firstfear

To Do List

:star: -Finished :star-half: Started :star-empty: Not started

:star-empty: 1st place Headshot for Hunter show

Do Adult References
- Calypso's Sunset
- Eurocommerce Entity
- Sibernen Adler
-Ramblin Brave
-Pina Colada
- An Angel's Soul
- Mama
-Savage Undertaking

:star-half: (Half finished bg and horses) Do Cheddarbug's present

:star-empty: Do thunder bolt

:star-half: saandstoorm headshot for MET

:star-half: (Sketched) Finish show image for Cheddarbug’s Training Package

:star-half:Colour Extravaganza extra image

:star-empty: Aithair's prize

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Be warned. My Gallery folders are now under construction. 

No deviants said They probably will be for quite some time. But hopefully it'll look pretty and organised by the end.


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